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Top 10 Ways to Decipher your Stationery Style

Let’s talk customization and what’s important to you two.  Here are our top tips to helping create a custom stationery suite that really speaks to both of you.



What are some of your favorite things?  Things to do?  Pets?  Hobbies?  Date nights?  Favorite shows you watch together?  Write down a list - both individually and then together.  These might spark an idea that can help create a custom suite, or even a “theme” for the entire wedding day!



Yes, this is your wedding day.  But once it’s planned, and the day is here, your guests will arrive, and need to be taken care of as well.  Some of the best weddings we’ve ever been to (and we’ve been to a lot) were simply because, as guests, we felt important.  Welcome bags in the rooms, maps and local activity ideas, keepsake treasures instead of tchotchke items that get tossed in the trash.  We can help with the paper product side of that.  But also consider these same elements when designing your invitation suite - which elements can you include that tell your guests what the day will be like?  Your suite should share with guests the vibe and style of the wedding day.  The colors they can expect.  The formality of the event.  Even without including too much written information on your invitation, the artwork says a lot!  If you want to get into the details, we always suggest adding an insert card to direct guests to your website - where you can go into depth on how to be prepared for the wedding, dress codes, weather, transportation, accommodations, activities, etc.  



Picking your wedding colors can be challenging for some.  Our suggestion - begin by looking around your home.  What colors do you see the most of?  Look at your wardrobe.  What colors are the most flattering on you?  If you’re struggling to find a color palette, these locations are where you feel most comfortable, so consider starting there.  Not liking your current home decor?  We’ve had clients model their weddings after a favorite restaurant, or even after a favorite movie.  You want to find a color palette that speaks to you as a couple.  As an example - if one of you loves reds, and the other loves purple, trust that the professionals can tie it together, even if that color combo doesn’t work in your mind.



We’re super visual people - that’s why we work in the art business!  We love when clients give us 2 or 3 images of stationery suites they love.  We will talk through those suites with you to figure out which elements you really like.  Often times, selecting an envelope color and belly band or embellishment that you love helps guide the artwork for the rest of the suite.  We'll never copy someone else’s art, but we certainly love the idea of starting with some inspiration that appeals to you.  



Although we have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest, we recognize it can be a helpful tool.  Invite us to look at your wedding inspiration boards, to help us understand your overall vibe for the day.



As you’re designing your own wedding, your own personal style will creep through the details.  Are you a comfy sweater and cotton fibers kind of a person, or do you love silk fibers or sequin fabrics?  Knowing this can help guide you to the perfect embellishments and papers for your suite.



If you were to throw a party at your home, think about what that might look like.  Is your personal style more relaxed?  Do you throw a backyard BBQ with a massive charcuterie and paired wines?  Or do you love getting dressed to the nines and heading out on the town for your event?  A wedding is an extension of you, so think about the style of the things you already love to do.  If your event is more formal, your stationery should reflect that.  More casual?  Then we can create something that hints at that vibe too.



Do you have parents that will be heavily involved in the planning of your wedding day, or just have very strong opinions?  We run into this quite a bit, where we’re on a super creative path, and about ready to print, and you show the invitation art to your parents and they’re disappointed because they were hoping for something more traditional.  We know from experience that too many opinions can lead to frustration, so it’s good to get all the ideas on the table to start off with, so we can design with everyone’s ideas in mind! Here’s our guide to helping avoid this for all involved:

Before we even begin design work:

  • Ask your parents if they have any inspiration and ideas for stationery - allow them to give you an image or two of stationery suites they love.  We can incorporate some of those elements.

  • Get their top 3 wants & needs regarding stationery. 

  • Discuss how they would like the wording to appear - are they hosting the event?   Paying for most of it?  None of it?  Is it a joint effort by both families?  The way you word your invitation ensures that families get recognized for their contribution, using proper etiquette.



Think about the style of art that you love.  Are you a modern art fan?  Or do you love the classics like Rembrandt or Monet?  What about Western Art?  Think about your favorites - there are ways to incorporate that style or color palette into your invitation.  After all, your suite is a piece of art in itself!



Take the time to research postage options!  Find stamps that speak to your wedding style.  See our Post page to find out all you need to know about customizing the stamps on your envelopes.

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