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D.I.Y. wedding invitations are our "budget friendly" invitation option.  We'll create the custom artwork for your invitations, and send it to you on a USB drive, along with the paper & envelopes for you to print on.  You'll be able to take the paper to your local printer, and you're responsible for printing, cutting, assembling, stuffing & mailing each one.  You can select just how many accessories you'll want us to provide, vs. purchasing your own accents.  We've created all the tutorial videos you'll need to figure out how to assemble these invitations on your own!  If you're a visual person, we've even created a video of what you can expect when receiving your D.I.Y. Invitations in the mail!

DIY Wedding Invitaions


Items on this list in Grey are what Happy Huckleberry Studios will do!  Items in Black are what you are responsible for!

STEP 1: Getting a Quote

  • Please fill out our inquiry/quote form HERE.​​​​  This form will require you to know your wedding basics, (location, guest count, invitation quantities, & wedding colors).  You'll also need to choose your paper products at this time, and send us some images for design inspiration.  

  • We've created an ordering guide to help you get through this stage.  Click HERE for that guide. 

  • We'll get to work on a quote and a basic layout graphic, so you can see how your color choices will look.  This typically takes 5 business days.  This photo is an example of what you'll receive.

​STEP 2: Contract Approval & Payment

  • Once you approve that basic layout of paper products, you'll receive the contract for the agreed services.

  • For the D.I.Y. designs, you'll be required to send payment at the time of returning the contract.

STEP 3: The Design Process & Approval

  • Once payment is received, we'll proceed with ordering paper, and also begin work on your custom designs.

  • We'll send 3 original designs in approximately 10 business days, and you'll choose the one you like the best!  Below is an example of what you'll receive.

  • Included with this option are three rounds of revisions.  Any revisions above three will incur additional costs.

Step 4: Paper, Accents & More

  • Once you've approved your artwork,  we'll compile all the pieces we'll need to mail  

  • You'll receive full 8.5 x 11 sheets of cardstock and blank envelopes in addition to anything else you ordered.

  • From the time you approve your artwork to the time they're placed in the mail typically takes 10 business days, depending on quantities. 

STEP 5: Shipping

  • Once you've approved your artwork,  we'll mail both the blank paper, envelopes & a USB drive with our completed designs.

  • ​Please note, once we ship your invitations, mail from Montana can take up to 7 days.

Step 6: Printing

  • The main cost savings in this package is your ability to take these invitations to the printer of your choice.  We strongly suggest a printer with commercial machines.

  • Just take the USB drive with you & make sure to print one test page (to test the printer's color settings) before printing the whole job.

  • Note - the paper you receive for invitations is thick cardstock (between 80 - 110lb weight).  That will not run through your home printer in most cases.

  • We are not liable if the paper damages your home printer!

Step 7: Cutting, Stamping, Assembling

  • You'll be responsible for cutting & assembling the pieces.  You can visit our Tutorials page for instructions on how to do this!

  • If you take your invitations to a commercial printer, they will be able to cut the pages for an upcharge.  To save money, we suggest purchasing a guillotine style paper cutter instead.  Especially for the amount of cutting you'll be doing!

  • If you've ordered a custom stamp, now's the time to add that embellishment!

  • Once all your pieces are printed, cut, and embellished, now you you can assemble the invitation suites!  Add a belly band, RSVP cards, etc.

Step 8: Addressing, Postage, Stuffing & Mailing

  • Following completion of the assembly of the invitations, you'll need to address the envelopes and add proper postage. 

  • We suggest taking your invitations to a calligrapher for the best results!  (They will want flat, empty envelopes - no invitations inside).

  • We always suggest taking one fully assembled invitation to the post office to weigh it, prior to purchasing stamps.  Most of our invitations are about $0.91 each to mail due to the thickness of the paper & wraps.

  • Once you've addressed them, and are sure of the postage, go ahead and stuff & mail!  Check out our blog regarding "Hand Cancelling" for a more finished look.

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