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How To Emboss Your Invitations:

If you're planning on embossing your invitations, and you've never tried embossing before, we strongly suggest testing your skills on sample pages before working on your invitations or envelopes.  We also suggest printing quite a few extra invitations (or ordering extra envelopes), to cover yourself in the event of some mistakes - it takes a lot of practice to get crisp stamped designs in the right spot on each page.


  • Clear ink & pad

  • Ruler

  • Pen

  • Stamping pad (or a magazine + ruler)

  • Custom Stamp

  • 8.5x11 piece of paper, folded in half

  • Embossing Powder

  • Fine tip paintbrush

  • Heat gun

Step 1:  Prep the Stamp

Measure to the middle of the stamp, and place a pen mark.  This will help you center the stamp on the surface you're working on.

Step 2:  Stamp!

Be sure to place your paper at the same point along the ruler surface each time, so you can lay your stamp in the same place each time.  Dab the stamp on the ink pad a few times to ensure full coverage.  Then carefully (but firmly) press the stamp onto the paper and pick it up gently.  Do not wiggle the stamp - that can cause your design to smear.  You want just enough ink to create a solid image, but not so much that the ink globs in spots.

Step 3:  Add Embossing Powder

Lay the stamped piece on top of the folded sheet of paper, and cover the stamped area with embossing powder.  Tap the excess powder off the stamped area, and onto the folded sheet of paper.

Step 4:  Clean Up the Design

Take your fine point paintbrush, and knock any excess embossing powder loose, and then tap the invitation on a flat surface to get rid of the loosened powder.  You can use the folded piece of paper to pour the excess powder back into its container so you can re-use it each time.

Step 5:  Emboss!

Take the heat gun, and hold it about 3" from the powdered surface.  If you get too close, you can burn the paper, so be careful.  Continue heating until the embossing powder turns into a solid.  Let the hot embossed surface cool before stacking.

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