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How To Foil Your Invitations:

Foiling your invitations is a simple way to upgrade the look.  However, it takes a special combination of products to make it look the best.


  • Laminator Machine (Heidi Minc Machine recommended)

  • Foiling Sheets

  • Laminator pouch

Step 1:  Print the Art

You'll need to use a laser jet printer, which utilizes toner.  The toner is how the foil sticks to the paper.  We strongly suggest using flat paper - NOT textured for best results.  Print your design first.  Black ink is recommended.  "Best quality" setting is always recommended because the more toner, the better the foil will stick.

Step 2:  Foil

Plug in the laminator machine and pre-heat it.  It's good to test the machine and make sure the setting is warm enough.  Cut a piece of foil to fit over the art area.  Open the laminator pouch.  Lay the invitation piece down first.  Then lay the foil sheet on top.  Close the top of the pouch, and feed it through the laminator machine.  It's as simple as that - simply take the invitation out of the pouch, remove the foil sheet, and you're all done!

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