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Happy Huckleberry Studios specializes in creating customized wedding invitations.  We can accommodate a wide variety of sizes, styles, colors and printing options.  We professionally print our invitations, and hand craft the rest in-house, giving you a professional, but handmade product.   First, you'll want to fill out our inquiry form to get an accurate quote.  The steps below will guide you through that form!  Or you can check out our ordering guide HERE.

STEP 1:  Know your Quantity Needs

This is our full service option.  Not only will we create the customized artwork, but we'll print, cut & assemble all the pieces.  You're only responsible for stuffing & mailing your invitations.

This is our mid-range option.  We create your customized artwork, print it for you, and cut all the pieces.  You'll still need to assemble the pieces, stuff into envelopes & mail your invitaions.

You Print, Cut & Assemble

This is our "budget" option.  We send your customized design on a USB, which you can take to a local printer, along with our supplied paper.  You'll then print, cut, assemble, stuff & mail your invitations.

STEP 2:  Select an Assembly Package

We Print & Cut
You Assemble
We Print, Cut
& Assemble







Remember when you're mailing wedding invitations, that you send them to households.  That typically means only one invitation is needed per couple or family living under the same roof.​​​​  We provide invitations in quantities of 25, and you'll always want a few extra in case of envelope addressing mishaps.

Click above to see our envelope options, and color varieties available.

Envelopes for all stationery sizes

We have over 200 colors of paper and styles available to meet your stationery needs.

Adding a custom invitation wrap adds that finishing touch to your wedding stationery.

STEP 3: Select your Paper Products

*Note, we do not address envelopes.  You will need to use a calligrapher, or address the envelopes on your own.

A wide variety of colors & styles
Create a unique presentation








Basic 4-Color Printing

This is your basic laser jet printing option, giving you vivid, accurate coloring.  This printing works best on white & ivory papers.

Add Rubber Stamp Embossing

We can take our art, and turn it into rubber stamps!  From there, you can stamp & emboss artwork onto your envelopes & invitations.

Add Inkjet Printing with Foiling

If you like the look of metallic accents on your invitations, we can create layered artwork that allows you to add metallic foiling.

We can also offer Letterpress printing & white ink printing upon request.


We are graphic designers, so everything we create is original, hand drawn artwork or painting & public use fonts.   We don't plaigarize art, so please know that what we create for you will be different from what you send us.  We'll use your ideas as inspiration to create your ideal personalized wedding stationery.  We suggest sending us a link to a Pinterest Board with limited (4-5) invitation ideas.  If there is a font that you want to use, and we do not have it, we can purchase it for your use, and it will be added to your final total. 

STEP 6: Word-Smithing

We want to know what words you'd like on your paper products.  Get as creative as you want!  This helps us with formatting!  If you need help, we can create your paper products with some basic word-smithing.

We'll Send a Quote & Contract

A contract is required to lock in our design services.  Once the contract is signed and deposit is paid (50% down in most cases), we'll begin designing!  In all packages where paper is included, we order paper as soon as the contract is signed & deposit is paid.  

Drafts & Final Approval

We'll send you initial design options, and up to 3 rounds of "drafts" before we begin charging for edits.  If you need more than 3 rounds of updates to any one design, we charge $5 per each additional update.  It is your responsibility to spell check closely, double check event dates & times, and give us all your changes at one time to avoid unnecessary fees.  You will need to approve any artwork before it is sent to print.  Each round of edits typically takes 7-10 business days, depending on the complexity & quantity of edits.

Printing, Cutting & Assembly

It takes up to 2 weeks to create a first draft of customized artwork.  Typically, we send a few options to choose from, and we'll get your input on our designs.   It takes us a week for edits each time you ask for changes, so please be precise and prompt in your suggestions.  The timing listed below relates to invitation suite only, so we strongly suggest starting early with any additional paper products you might be interested in (programs, thank you notes, etc.).  Based on the package you choose, here are the timelines once you approve final artwork:

We Print, Cut & Assemble

2 Weeks for Design

1 Week per Round of Edits

1+ Week for Delivery

You Print, Cut & Assemble
We Print & Cut,
You Assemble

2 Weeks for Design

1 Week per Round of Edits

2+ Weeks for Printing, Cutting & Delivery

2 Weeks for Design

1 Week per Round of Edits

2+ Weeks for Printing, Cutting, Assembly & Delivery












We ship all completed invitations priority mail through the US Postal Service.  Please note, mail from Montana does typically take longer than your typical USPS timing.  We will always provide a tracking number, but we are not responsible for shipping times.

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