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How Mail Your Invitations:

If you print your invitations at a commercial printer (like Staples or Kinkos), we suggest you pay them to cut out each piece for you.  If you're printing the invitation pieces at home, here's an instruction manual for cutting them on your own.  Remember that we've marked the invitations to the actual size of what you'll want to cut them to.  For example, if you've ordered a card stock backing for a 5x7 invitation, we'll set up the crop marks to measure just under 5x7 to give you a nice border.

Tools Needed:

  • A fully assembled "Sample" Invitation (to weigh at post office)

  • Postage Stamps

Step 1:  Take a sample to the post office

Each custom invitation suite we create are a different weight and thickness.  Yours will be a no different.  We always suggest taking one completed sample to the post office to weigh it and measure it before you even order or purchase stamps.  Our invitations are typically $0.93 each to mail, but that can vary widely.

Step 2:  Order/Purchase Postage

There are lots of fun ideas for stamps.  You can check out what the post office has available HERE.  You can create something customized online through a company like, or you can shop Etsy for some neat vintage options!

Step 3:  Hand Canceling

You can take your invitations one step further by "hand canceling" them.  The Post Office needs to mark stamps, so they can't be used more than once.  There is an option to cancel them by "hand stamping" them as used.  Some post offices do no offer hand canceling, and others charge for it.  You'll have to do some research to find one that offers this service.  Also, your invitations WILL still go through a sorting machine - the hand canceling service only applies to how the stamp is treated.  There will still be a barcode printed on each invitation.  For more information on Hand Canceling, check out out blog HERE.

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