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How To Stuff Your Invitations:

If you print your invitations at a commercial printer (like Staples or Kinkos), we suggest you pay them to cut out each piece for you.  If you're printing the invitation pieces at home, here's an instruction manual for cutting them on your own.  Remember that we've marked the invitations to the actual size of what you'll want to cut them to.  For example, if you've ordered a card stock backing for a 5x7 invitation, we'll set up the crop marks to measure just under 5x7 to give you a nice border.

Step 1:  Hold invitation in your right hand

Hold the finished invitation suite upright, in your right hand.  As if you're reading it.  The front will be facing you!

Step 2:  Hold Envelope in your left

Hold the envelope in your left hand, with the opening facing the right hand.

Step 3:  Stuff!

This ensures a right handed person opening the envelope will pull it from the envelope upright, and ready to read!

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