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Hand Crafted with Love

We're a small stationery business, offering fully customized paper products for weddings & events. We bulk print & cut most products in house, and hand assemble each suite.  If you're looking for professionally made, personalized invitations with a hand-made quality, we're the perfect fit for you!  You'll want to click HERE for our custom stationery ordering guide, featuring all of our options, so you can begin the customization process.


We also recognize that not everyone has it in their wedding budget to get fully assembled, customized invitations, even though they would love to have them!  Therefore, in addition to our full service option, we've created a semi-custom collection of invitations.  You'll still get that same handmade feel from our artwork, and be able to select color options, but options are a bit more limited, and you'll assemble & mail all the invitations on your own.



Winter Paper Company’s mission is to provide customers with an outstanding array of mixed media stationery products for events while concurrently offering an extensive line of semi-custom stationery services for the budget conscious luxury wedding client.

About the Stationer

Hi!  I'm Autumn Kozimer, and I'm the owner & lead designer here at Winter Paper Co.  I'm also a professional accredited wedding planner & designer, and the owner of Events by Autumn.  I have a great understanding of wedding etiquette & trends - that's a great benefit when designing custom paper products!


I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with degrees in Fine Art & Costume Design.  I’m a mixed media artist, meaning I love woodworking, sculpting, sewing, painting - basically working with a variety of mediums. I’m a color expert, and I enjoy using my art training on a daily basis. I look forward to creating something special for you!


I live in rural Montana, and enjoy spending time riding horses, taking the dogs swimming at the river, keeping bees, goats and chickens, and renovating my "homestead."

Our History

Winter Paper Company.png

Winter Paper Stock Company was started by my great-grandfather, J.C. Winter, and his brothers, back in the early 1900's.  The Winters settled in the United States, from Mecklenburg, Germany, and opened a paper stock business (primarily the production of cardboard and excelsior), in Monroe, Michigan.  The paper industry along the Raisin River area of Michigan was big business at the time.  My grandfather, Marvin Winter, and his brothers continued to grow the business, opening factories in Cleveland, Ohio, Lousiville, Kentucky, and Fort Wayne, Indiana. 


Although I'm not making my own paper (I have goals to do that, one day), I love everything about working with it.  Sadly, the factories are no longer around, but naming my business after family just seemed like a perfect fit.  


Winter Paper Company graduated from a small desk in the corner of my room, back in 2013, to a private, log cabin office in 2020.  We started with digital printers and outsourcing our print jobs, but have recently added our own 1929 Kelsey Excelsior Letterpress and custom laser engraver to our team.  We look forward to creating a piece of heirloom art for you!

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