Who do I contact for questions or concerns?

Please shoot us an email at  We'll respond as quickly as possible!

How long does it take to receive my order?

This depends on the items in your order, and how quickly you're able to respond with feedback on our artwork.  Most edits can take up to 10 business days just due to our volume of requests.  To make certain that your products take no longer then neccesary, please be prompt and approve the proof as quickly as possible.  Check out our "How it Works" section for a more clear timeline.



Where are the products shipped from?

If we're able to complete the invitations in house, everything will ship from Montana.  If you've selected a thicker paper, a different printing style than what we offer in house, etc., we do sometimes subcontract the printing.  In that case, your items may be shipped from another city - always in the USA!



Will all of my orders be shipped to me in the same box?

This depends on the products, if they are from the same manufacture then yes, if they are from two different manufacturers then they will be separate. If you have concerns or want to know for a specific order, please contact us directly at

What is a proof?

A PDF file sent to you by the designer that is an exact replica of what your product will look like.



What if the proofs don't exactly reflect my vision?

That happens sometimes!  We want you to end up with a product you're happy with - this is completely customized to you!  This is why we have proofs, it is also why we have a real live human being designing them by hand.  If you receive your proof and you are unsatisfied, simply email us back with your concerns and you will work one on one with a designer until it is perfect.  We do reserve the right to charge for excessive rounds of edits, so we ask that you have a strong idea of what you're looking for when you contact us.  We work hard to make that vision happen, but are not responsible if your own vision changes along the way.

What if I have a differnt idea in mind for personalization of my product? 

We are a truly customized invitation company.  If you don't see a font, paper color, envelope shape, or printing style you like, just ask.  Odds are, we can do it!



Do you offer products at wholesale prices? 

We offer wholesale pricing to Events by Autumn's Signature Package clients only.



Collaborations and teaming up?

If you are an established blogger, instagrammer, business owner, etc. we’d love to team up with you! We are always looking for talented, wonderful people to work with. Simply contact us at  If you're a wedding planner and would like to collaborate on a styled shoot, please note that we do ask you cover the cost of materials we would need to purchase.


 We're looking forward to designing with you!