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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who do I contact for questions or concerns?
    Please shoot us an email at We'll respond as quickly as possible!
  • What is a proof?
    An image file sent to you by the designer that is a digital replica of what your product will look like.
  • Which papers are available?
    HERE is a link to our curated paper collection. If you don't see something that's perfect, just ask - odds are we can source it!
  • What are my printing options?
    We encourage you to visit our PRINT page to review our printing options, which shows examples. Main printing styles are digital, white ink, letterpress, engraving, and foiling, but if you’d like to explore another style, we have the resources to do that also!
  • What can be customized?
    With our fully customized suites, every part of your suite can be made to order. With semi-custom suites, you’ll want to check within each collection regarding what parts are customizable - (for example, coloring on fonts & most digital art can be updated, but watercolor paintings cannot). We’ll start off by customizing your paper types and colors, ink colors, and printing methods, depending on your budget. We’ll also suggest custom embellishments like envelope liners, wax seals, ribbon, and vintage postage, based on your suite style.
  • What if I have a different idea in mind for personalization of my product?
    We are a fine art, mixed media invitation company. If you don't see a font, paper color, envelope shape, or printing style you like, just ask. Odds are, we can do it!
  • Do you design day of pieces?
    Of course! Our semi-custom suites all come with curated day-of items, and we absolutely customize day of products if you’d like something more one of a kind!
  • Can I order more later?
    This is an option but not recommended. Each print run incurs certain setup costs and preparation time, despite the quantity ordered, so this ends up costing significantly more in the end. A small run of invitations will likely cost more per piece than just ordering a few extra to begin with. We highly recommend ordering at least 5-10 extras of every item you order. Be sure to account for wrong addresses (if you’re addressing), last minute guests, and additional keepsakes when deciding on your final quantity.
  • I’m sending my suite out for calligraphy - how do I update my order?
    If you’re wanting to collaborate with a calligrapher, please let us know on your questionnaire - you’ll want to order blank envelopes. You will also need to fluff your envelope count by typically 15-20%.
  • Will the color of the my stationery match my screen?
    Because all monitors display color differently, your printed stationery might not match what you see on your own screen. We do not accept returns based on color for this reason. We provide proofs with accurate envelope to ink color representation - if the paper samples and ink match one another on your screen, then your final products should be comparable to one another as well. We design using the Pantone color system, so we select ink colors or CMYK codes that match well with your paper selections, if applicable. Watercolor art is done to the best of our ability, with hand mixing custom colors to complement your suite. If you're concerned, you’re welcome to order a sample pack to see your envelope or paper selection in real life.
  • Will I receive hard copy proofs?
    No. Your order includes electronic proofs that will be emailed for your review, through our online client portal system. Hard copy proofs are not available, but we do the best we can to give you a digital vision of what the final product will look like.
  • Can I add backside printing to my stationery?
    Backside printing is available for most items if needed, for an additional fee. If you’re considering back side printing, let us know when you fill out your stationery questionnaire.
  • How long does it take to receive my order?
    This depends on the items in your order, and how quickly you're able to respond with feedback on our artwork. For fully custom artwork, expect to take about 12 weeks from beginning of the process to having the invitations in the mail. That is a rough estimate though, as most edits can take up to 48 business hours just due to our volume of requests. Custom artwork (like paintings) can take up to 2 weeks to create, digitize, and edit, and printing styles vary widely in production times. To make certain that your products take no longer than necessary, please be prompt and approve the proof as quickly as possible. Check out the Process section for a more clear timeline based on your printing style. If you need your order sooner, rush printing and shipping options are available, but rush designing is not. The quickest way to get invitations in hand is to select a semi-custom option.
  • Where are the products shipped from?
    We ship everything from our studio in Montana. Although we ship all items using USPS Priority mail, please take note that shipping USPS from Montana can take additional days, beyond the 2 day “Priority mail guarantee.” We will always provide a tracking number and $50 worth of insurance. If you would like more insurance, that can be added on the final invoice, before we ship. We are not responsible for delayed shipping times due to the US Postal Service. Priority Shipping typically costs $21 - $42 depending on how many boxes we need to ship.
  • Will all of my orders be shipped in the same box?
    This depends on how many items are being shipped. Sometimes, larger orders need to be shipped in separate boxes, because we’re using USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate postage (paper is HEAVY!).
  • What if the proofs don’t exactly reflect my vision?
    That happens sometimes! We want you to end up with a product you're happy with, so this is why we have proofs. If you receive your proof and you are unsatisfied, simply email us back with your concerns and you will work one on one with the designer until it is perfect. We do reserve the right to charge for excessive rounds of edits (beyond a rough draft, and 2 proofs), so we ask that you have a strong idea of what you're looking for when you contact us. We work hard to make that vision happen, but are not responsible if your own vision changes along the way, or if you’re struggling to explain what you’re looking for.
  • How does payment work?
    We take payment on a project-by-project basis, meaning you will only pay for the products we're actively working on. This is how payments work depending on service: SEMI-CUSTOM 50% of the project total is due upon booking, with the rest due upon completion, prior to shipping. CUSTOM SUITES $1000 deposit is due upon booking, with the remaining balance due upon completion, prior to shipping. DAY OF If you’re ordering day-of products, and it’s your first time working with us, 50% of the project total is due upon booking, with the rest due upon completion, prior to shipping. If you’ve already ordered invitations with us, and add on day-of stationery, 100% payment is due upon receiving the final guest count.
  • Do you offer products at wholesale prices?
    We offer wholesale pricing to Events by Autumn's Signature Package clients only.
  • Collaborations and teaming up?
    If you are an established blogger, instagrammer, business owner, wedding planner, etc. we’d love to team up with you! We are always looking for talented, wonderful people to work with. Simply contact us at For styled shoots, we typically ask you to sign a mutual agreement, cover the cost of shipping, and adhere to a list of flat lays requested for our portfolio. We participate in a limited number of styled shoots each season.
  • What’s the next step?
    You can begin your order on the same page as the semi-custom suite you like - just fill out the order form. Or, if you’re looking at fully custom artwork, head over to the custom stationery page and fill out the Inquiry. A contract and invoice for deposit will follow. Once that’s signed and paid, we’ll begin!
  • Can I order samples?
    If you want to see paper & envelope colors, print styles, and embellishment samples in person, or need help envisioning what finished suites look and feel like, we can set up a zoom call, to lay everything out, and help you visualize the final product. If you’d prefer samples in hand, we are happy to mail swatches and envelope samples. Samples are $25 per semi-custom suite, and include all the paper samples we offer, (4) envelopes of your choice, and any embellishment samples you're interested in. The cost of samples will count towards your first payment when you decide to book.
  • What’s the ideal stationery ordering timeline?
    We have a whole page dedicated to a custom stationery timeline! Click HERE for more information.
  • Can you assemble and mail invitations for me?
    Absolutely! For custom suites, this is already included if you’re paying for us to print & format addresses. For semi-custom suites, you’ll just need to let us know this is your preference, and we’ll give you a quote for this service. (Guest address printing & hand cancellation are included in that service fee).
  • Do we pay tax on the final cost?
    Montana is exempt from sales tax! So no taxes will be added to your final cost of stationery. Only shipping fees apply.
  • Can I use my own wording?
    All semi-custom designs are personalized with a host line, names, dates, and locations in any of our color options. Just select the wording you would like when filling out the questionnaire. Fully custom invitation suites can be customized with any wording.
  • Can I change fonts?
    With our semi-custom collection, all fonts have been carefully chosen based on the overall design vibe of the suite. That being said, we understand that sometimes the letters in your specific name doesn’t look as great as our samples (The letter Z - I'm looking at YOU!). Often times, there are alternatives for each letter in our fonts which we're happy to share with you. If you're still unsatisfied with the font update, we can explore alternative font options for a one time customization fee of $50. You may select any fonts featured in our semi-custom collection. Fully custom suites can feature any style of fonts - we’ll work with you to find the perfect choice.
  • Can I switch designs during proofing?
    You may switch designs during the proofing process, but each design switch will use one full round of proofs.
  • Can I have more than one version of an item?
    If you need more than one version of an invite card, enclosure, etc. (maybe some guests are invited to some events, and not others), we are able to split your order for an additional fee. The fee varies depending on the item and printing style. Please contact us for more information.
  • Can I order in a foreign language?
    We can design in foreign languages, but please contact us prior to ordering. We are only fluent in English, so editing and punctuation will be solely your responsibility. Additional fees may apply depending on the extent of the language used and the type of alphabet (roman versus non-roman). Note that some fonts are not available in all languages.
  • How do my invitations arrive & how do I assemble?
    All shipped paper stationery pieces will require assembly. If belly bands are ordered, they’ll either arrive as pre-cut paper, or spools of ribbon/twine/etc. which will need to be cut down for use. All invitation pieces needed for assembly (that you’ve ordered from us) will be included with your order, as well as instructions. We will also provide a suggested list of materials for assembly once the order is shipped. We also provide a video tutorial for our stationery suites, to aid in assembly ease.
  • How much will my invitations cost to mail?
    Postage varies for every single suite. We can give estimations regarding how much a suite might cost to mail, but you MUST take a sample to the Post Office to weigh & measure and get an accurate price. Click HERE for a whole page dedicated to all things postage!
  • Can I purchase printable files?
    No, we only sell finished stationery and do not sell digital versions of our designs.
  • Can I cancel my stationery order before it prints?
    If you've ordered a semi-custom suite, you can cancel your order anytime before the order goes into production. The deposit is non-refundable, as we’ve already spent design time updating text and colors, and we've had consultations, until that point. Once an order goes into production, it cannot be changed or cancelled. If you've ordered our custom stationery option, and you still don't love your stationery design after three rounds of edits, let us know, and we’ll discuss cancellation terms. We want you to love your suite, but we also want the stationery designing experience to be fun and positive.
  • Can I return my custom stationery?
    No, our semi-custom or custom stationery options are not returnable. Samples cannot be returned either.
  • Order issues?
    If there is an issue with your order, please contact us within 5 days. Your stationery will be printed exactly as shown on the approved proofs. If an error is our fault, then we will work to provide a comfortable solution for our clients. However, we do not take responsibility for errors which our clients fail to address before approving artwork to print. If this happens, we can offer a discount on reprinted items to help rectify the situation.
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